Published: Fri, June 11, 2021

Joe Biden: US President addresses troops at RAF Mildenhall

Joe Biden: US President addresses troops at RAF Mildenhall

An 18th-century manor house in the middle of a public park with lakeside views will host the summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva next week, the Swiss Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Sixty-seven percent of the 16 publics said the United States is a "very" or "somewhat" reliable partner with 57 percent saying they expected relations to remain the same and 39 percent saying they expected them to improve.

Arriving in the world-famous Air force One, the president was greeted by the Mayor of Newquay and other representatives when he landed at Cornwall Airport Newquay on Wednesday 9 June.

Since he took office, Biden has talked up the value of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which faced frequent criticism from former President Donald Trump on issues like defense spending.

He also took a swipe at Russian President Vladimir Putin, who he will meet later in the trip. "We owe you. We're so damned proud of you", Biden said. "I've been clear: the United States will respond in a robust and meaningful way if the Russian government engages in harmful activities".

The Prime Minister met US President Joe Biden today in Cornwall ahead of the UK's G7 Summit.

This weekend, the President and Dr. Biden will meet with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. Per the Times, it signals to Biden that "Russian domestic affairs are not up for discussion".

The airbase was the first place outside of the United States that Joe Biden has visited since his election victory over Donald Trump last November.

Mr Biden, who is also the Commander in Chief, told the troops in the hangar to stand "at ease", quipping: "I keep forgetting I'm president".

Despite America's enhanced global standing, the survey shows that numerous 16 countries surveyed are skeptical of the an worldwide partner and as a working democracy.

Joe Biden speaks to USA servicemen and women at a base near Cambridge before flying to Cornwall.

Biden's speech reflected the overall theme for his trip: "America is here to lead with strength".

Biden is facing pressure to press Putin on cybersecurity after a series of hacks and ransomware attacks, some of which appear to have originated within Russia's borders.

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