Published: Sun, June 13, 2021

How To Prevent Future Pandemics: G7 Leaders To Sign Landmark Declaration

How To Prevent Future Pandemics: G7 Leaders To Sign Landmark Declaration

Biden and the G7 leaders, the White House said, will "discuss ways to forge a more fair, sustainable, and inclusive global economy that meets the unique challenges of our time". Speaking to the Anglican Communion News Service, Anglican leaders stressed the impact of COVID-19 on indigenous communities and also raised issues of nuclear energy, the care of refugees and the need to hear the voices of young people.

Arriving at the Carbis Bay venue for the G7 summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she hopes the gathering will lead to a "very good outcome", particularly on the issues of the access to vaccines for African countries, and also for a global economic recovery.

It will be called the "Carbis Bay Declaration".

The afternoon will also include a presentation from chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance and Melinda Gates on the work of the Pandemic Preparedness Partnership.

Group of Seven leaders on Friday are expected to endorse a minimum global tax rate of at least 15 percent, formalizing what finance ministers from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the United States agreed to last weekend.

The UK will create a new animal vaccine centre aimed at preventing future diseases from crossing from animals to humans.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday hailed the declaration made by the Group of Seven (G7) on prevention of future pandemics, describing it as "historic".

Dr Tedros Adhanom, the director general of the World Health Organisation, said: "We welcome the Carbis Bay Health Declaration, particularly as the world begins to recover and rebuild from the Covid-19 pandemic. Under this agreement, the world's leading democracies will commit to preventing a global pandemic from ever happening again, ensuring the devastation caused by COVID-19 is never repeated", PM Johnson wrote on his Twitter handle.

"To this end World Health Organization welcomes and will take forward the UK's proposal for a Global Pandemic Radar".

Before the talks, Mr Johnson said: "In the a year ago the world has developed several effective coronavirus vaccines, licensed and manufactured them at pace and is now getting them into the arms of the people who need them".

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