Published: Thu, June 17, 2021

France allows shorter gap between first and second Covid jabs

France allows shorter gap between first and second Covid jabs

The health minister did not state definite goals for the vaccination campaign in terms of the number of people vaccinated across the adult population as a whole, but he did say that he wanted to go "as far as possible", for example, at least 90% vaccinated for people aged over 75. After full vaccination (all doses), the AstraZeneca vaccine protection fell to 60% against the Delta variant, versus 73% against the Alpha.

On Monday, there were 55,000 doses of vaccine delivered in B.C. - mostly Pfizer - of which 44,000 were second doses. Some smaller nations, like Malta and Gibraltar, have higher first dose rates than Canada.

Some states including Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal have administered over 10 lakh beneficiaries in the 18-44 age group for the first dose of coronavirus vaccine.

Nearly two in three Canadians now have one dose of vaccine, but slightly more than one in 10 have both doses.

He stated that while efforts to ensure the supply of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines were ongoing, the Presidential Steering Committee would hold its planned meeting with stakeholders in the south-south region and the larger communities on COVID-19 vaccination on the course of the week.

Local officials said the majority of cases are associated with close contacts and social gatherings, and area politicians called on the provincial government to help.

Alberta, which is one of two provinces where at least 20 per cent of eligible people are fully vaccinated, opened indoor venues like movie theatres and libraries last week. The province has already surpassed the first vaccination threshold and is on pace to reach 80 per cent by early July.

The government took a cautious first step last week when it announced that Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have received two vaccine doses and who test negative for COVID-19 will likely be exempt from two weeks' self-isolation, including hotel quarantines, starting early next month.

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