Published: Sat, June 19, 2021
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N.Ireland parties agree on new First Minister, staving off fresh crisis

N.Ireland parties agree on new First Minister, staving off fresh crisis

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The DUP is expected to move quickly to appoint a successor to Poots, with many eyes now focusing on Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, who challenged Poots earlier this year.

After Arlene Foster's resignation as First Minister on Monday, the DUP and inn Féin had just seven days to nominate for the two positions, or else power-sharing would collapse.

"The new DUP leader must stop the constant flow of concessions to Sinn Fein even if that means suspending the normal operation of devolution".

Following the commitment, McDonald said her party is nominating Michelle O'Neill as Deputy First Minister.

The UK's Secretary of State Brandon Lewis has given a deadline of Autumn for Stormont Ministers to introduce protections for the Irish language, like similar legislation that exists in Wales and Scotland.

The deal was created to rectify a stalemate with Sinn Féin.

The agreement includes Irish-speaking rights, and Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald refused to do so in Belfast after the British government passed the law in the London Assembly.

According to reports, an urgent party meeting was held on Thursday evening after Mr Poots had proceeded with the nomination of Paul Girvan as First Minister, despite significant opposition from his own party.

A deal was agreed with the United Kingdom government to legislate for Irish language laws, as agreed in New Decade, New Approach, if Stormont does not.

The members were unhappy that Mr Poots had agreed to enter a coalition on that basis.

The UK Government had been warned by DUP politicians about getting involved in such a sensitive, devolved issue.

A meeting of DUP party officers got under way on Thursday, with the recently appointed leader facing a major revolt.

Poots noted that he had asked the party chairman to commence an electoral process within the party to allow for a new DUP head to be elected. Although he didn't immediately address the media, a statement was later released where Poots stated that he will remain in his post until a new leader has been elected.

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