Collective Bargaining Agreement updates:

  • The Canadian Press Chris Johnston reports that the NHL and NHLPA still aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on the 2013-14 salary cap. The league still wants a $60 million one while the union is aiming for a $65 million ceiling (down from $67 million).
  • Although some say it wasn’t never officially broached, the NHLPA reportedly made a major concession by dropping the demand for a cap on escrow. The league has roundly insisted that it couldn’t absorb all the risk if the lockout damages revenues. By budging on this issue, the union shows a willingness to compromise.
  • The NHL and NHLPA ended Wednesday night’s discussions after more than four hours of deliberation, failing to reach a Collective Bargaining Agreement agreement. Both sides indicated that there was progress, but there also are gaps to fill. ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reports that the two sides haven’t just been using mediation for a day but the entire week. That’s expected to continue on Thursday morning, while full talks are guaranteed yet.
  • If the NHL and the NHLPA agree on a deal, teams would play seven games against each division opponent. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Rob Rossi, the 48-game schedule would begin January 19, with most teams on the day’s slate. During the season, clubs would also play a home and road tilt against each of the 10 remaining in-conference teams.

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