After more than a week of stalled talks between the NHL and the players union, negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement will resume Friday.

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly and NHL Players Association special counsel Steve Fehr met Tuesday in Toronto and scheduled the session.

“We are pleased the league is willing to come back to the bargaining table and we look forward to Friday,” discussions,” Fehr said in a statement.

The talks will take place in New York, a source confirmed to

Sources tell’s Pierre LeBrun that talks will begin with discussions of non-economic issues.

The recent lull in action has been frustrating for players and fans, with the lockout now in its 10th day with no substantive progress since the work stoppage began September 16. Hope was temporarily dashed Monday when Daly and Fehr met in person albeit for a review of last year’s hockey-related revenue and escrow amounts but left without scheduling a future meeting.

The two sides have shown a reluctance to budge on the core economic issues central to their respective bargaining positions. The union does not want to consent to any salary givebacks, while the league wants to see an immediate reduction in the players’ share of revenue.

The stalemate already has resulted in the cancellation of all preseason games through September 30.

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