NHLPA boss Don Fehr warned players not to read too much into the NHL’s recent concession on the “Make Whole” provision, according to Larry Brooks.

“You may have seen media reports of supposed league ‘offer’ regarding make-whole aspect,” Fehr said in a memo. “There have been no proposals from either side since October 18. You should not read too much into reports of informal phone calls.”
We’re going to give the NHL the benefit of the doubt and assume that when they suggest something to the union regardless of whether it’s in a face-to-face meeting, phone call, or through a highly choreographed song-and-dance routine they mean it. We still don’t have the full details and conditions surrounding the NHL’s concession. It might be that the NHLPA doesn’t have those facts either and they want to maintain a guarded stance until they do. Alternatively, Fehr might have already been informed of the conditions and doesn’t like the strings attached.

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