The New Jersey Devils will likely be sold “within the next several days,” according to the Newark Star-Ledger.

The Devils’ ownership issues have come to a rapid boil as we’ve had varying reports from multiple outlets within a 24-hour span, including talk of a Coyotes-like NHL takeover of the Devils.
Josh Harris and the group that owns the NBA’s 76ers are reportedly interested in the Devils, as is a group led by attorney Andrew Barroway. Barroway’s group reportedly had a sale agreement last month but stepped back from the negotiating after getting a closer look at the team’s financial records. The one thing that’s become clear is current owner Jeff Vanderbeek vastly underestimated the resources he would need to be the primary owner of the club. Regardless of who buys the Devils, Vanderbeek is expected to be completely bought out. The franchise is also not expected to relocate.

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