Jason Pominville has signed a five-year, $28 million contract extension with the Minnesota Wild, according to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune.

He wanted to have an extension in place before the start of the regular season and he got that along with the term he was seeking. Pominville’s deal will have an average annual value of $5.6 million. He was acquired from the Buffalo Sabres last April and recorded nine points in 10 games before suffering a concussion.
“I’m excited to be part of this group for the next six years,” Pominville said. “We can say that this is home now.”

“At the end of the day, based on the market we’ve seen in the last couple months it’s a fair market contract for a good hockey player,” Fletcher said. “But more importanatly than that, to me it’s exciting that he wanted to commit to us. He only played 10 regular season games for us and a couple playoff games, so the fact that he’s willing to commit for basically the next six seasons to our club to me sends a strong message that he believes in the direction we’re going and by the same token we’re thrilled to have him.”

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