The Toronto Maple Leafs could be front of the line if the Anaheim Ducks are begrudgingly willing as rumored to move Corey Perry ahead of the trade deadline. Damien Cox of the Toronto Star proposes familiarity on both sides could actually facilitate a deal for the former Hart Trophy winner. One that might even include Phil Kessel.

“Assuming the Leafs would be very interested, here’s where it gets really interesting. Ex-GM Brian Burke, as we know, is now a part-time scout with the Ducks. He can supply Anaheim with the inside dope on every single Leaf player and prospect, plus he knows how Nonis feels and thinks about every single Leaf player and prospect, and how he values them. Leaf head coach Randy Carlyle, on the other hand, has intimate knowledge of the Anaheim roster. So that factor is somewhat counter-balanced. Would Burke, who brought Kessel to Toronto and still believes in him, recommend the Ducks look at acquiring Silent Phil as part of a package for Perry?”

Salary cap space isn’t much of an issue for the Leafs, next season and beyond. Even if Perry demands an average annual paycheck in the $8-million range.

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