10:42 AM The framework for realignment is in place. By a vote of 26 to four, the NHL’s board of governors approved a realignment plan on Monday. The four-conference format includes two seven-team conferences and two eight-team conferences.

All the details are available here.

The NHLPA still has to approve the plan.

However, Sportsnet’s John Shannon tweeted there’s still a chance the realignment plan “DOES NOT get activated for next season.”

7:51 AM In an updated to previous realignment news. The Board of Governors set to meet this week and discussing realignment is clearly one of the hot topics. There are two main plans the league is looking at and one of those could be implemented very soon if an agreement is reached.

It seems that nearly everyone involved would like to get this resolved as soon as possible, but there’s a lot at stake here. This is the sort of issue that could potentially impact the majority of teams in the league. ESPN’s Craig Custance points out, it’s very likely that there will be owners left unhappy when all is said and done regardless of which plan is utilized.

It is believed that Detroit will be moving to the East, however there have been talks that Columbus and/or Winnipeg will be moving as well.

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