There’s a growing possibility that the Ryan O’Reilly may ultimately just end up elsewhere if he and the Colorado Avalanche can’t start agreeing on some things pretty soon.

This stalemate seems to be hurting all parties involved. At 22 years of age, O’Reilly is coming off his best NHL season (55 points) and it would make sense for him to be on the ice, building off that impressive run and showing that he can produce near that level on a consistent basis. Meanwhile, the Avalanche need a forward who can step in and produce right now. Gabriel Landeskog and Steve Downie are both hurt, and the team is averaging just 2.10 goals per game so far. 

Adrian Dater suggests there could be another possible reason for why this whole scenario is taking so long to resolve itself though. He notes that O’Reilly becomes eligible for arbitration this summer if he plays in at least six games this season. While that obviously wouldn’t be a good enough reason for Colorado to put off signing him, it likely takes away the option of a short-term deal. And, with the way these talks are going, eliminating any option isn’t helping at the moment.

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