Andy Strickland of is suggesting a Patrick Kane and Ryan Miller swap is something both organizations should consider.

There are few goaltenders Chicago would consider moving a Patrick Kane for. Among those is Buffalo goaltender Ryan Miller.

Sources close to Miller confirm his frustration with the Sabres organization and tell me he’d waive his modified no-trade clause to go to Chicago.

I’ve heard the speculation that Miller would only accept a trade to Los Angeles or Anaheim so he could be closer to his actress wife Noureen DeWulf. I’m told this is completely untrue. Miller wants to win and he’s apparently open to go to a number of teams, not just those located in So Cal

Again, I’m told he’d jump at the opportunity to go to Chicago.

Kane on the other hand does make some sense with him being a Buffalo native. One would think Western New York would be a good fit for him personally although he’s fully entrenched as a star athlete in Chicago. He still probably enjoys more privacy in Chicago than he would in his hometown.

Whether this is fantasy or reality is hard to decipher. On the surface it looks like a pretty good hockey trade. The problem is these types of deals involving two superstar players rarely happen in today’s game.

The Sabres thought they had it figured out last summer once Owner Terry Pegula took over the franchise. They thought they could buy their way into contending for a Stanly Cup and it appears they’re taking a step backwards. Sources close to the organization tell me they aren’t looking to rebuild but are looking to re-scale their roster.

The much younger (23) Kane is owed $6.5 Million through 2015 while the 31 year-old Miller is due $6.25 Million through 2014.


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