The Buffalo Sabres are looking to salvaging this season and it seems that a coaching or management change doesn’t appear to be on the horizon and Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News suggests a trade may not be in the cards either. Not even a single player exchange.

As far as bench boss Lindy Ruff is concerned anyway. “I’m under the premise that a one-player trade deal can work at times,” Ruff said. “I’ve seen a lot of them where it doesn’t have any impact. The only way you’re going to succeed is by uniting as a team and getting through this. One player isn’t going to make a difference.”

However,’s Pierre LeBrun doesn’t agree with Harrington saying “At the very least, from what I hear from other General Managers, Sabres GM Darcy Regier is certainly working the phones. I would expect him to make a couple of notable moves between now and the February 27th trade deadline to help shake up this roster. Yes, the injuries are the most significant reason for Buffalos disappointing season, but it doesnt explain everything. There just is something not right with the current makeup of this roster.”

What do you think? Will Buffalo make any trades?

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