With the NHL’s deadline to get a Collective Bargaining Agreement done set for November 2, there have been no updates or progress on the possibility of future labor talks.

“No new news,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun on Monday.

“We withdrew our most recent proposal on Friday, and now we are spending time thinking about our next proposal and how best to get closer to a resolution.  We hope the Union is doing the same thing. Given the fact that the Union refused even to discuss our last proposal, it would appear that we still have a large gulf to bridge.”

Last Friday, the NHL announced the cancellation of November’s remaining dates a total of 326 regular season games and took their most recent proposal off the table.

The league’s offices in New York are also closed on Monday and likely on Tuesday as the city braces for Hurricane Sandy.

The NHL stuck to its most recent proposal that stated a full 82-game schedule could be played if the season began by November 2. The league said the deal had to be reached by last Thursday for that to happen, but never did.

The union rejected the NHL’s proposal that offered a 50-50 split of hockey-related revenues and ensured a full regular-season schedule. The Players’ Association countered with three offers that were, in turn, quickly dismissed by the league.

“Since the last bargaining meeting on October 18, we have consistently made it clear to the League that we are ready to meet and are willing to discuss all ideas, certainly including their last proposal,” NHLPA counsel Steve Fehr told TSN on Monday.

“The league has unfortunately continued to decline to meet. Their position makes it difficult to move the process forward, as it is obviously hard to make progress without talking.”

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